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8th-Aug-2008 01:15 pm - Anniversary and Willow
Today mdunnbass and I have been married 10 years! Yay us! Wow. That is insane, it feels like it was just yesterday. And yet so much has happened in that 10 years. I love you babe - here's to the next 10 and beyond! (what is the "10 year wedding anniversary gift thing"? paper? silver? ipods?).

And funny Willow story - this morning she insisted on being Papa smurf at daycare today. So we found a reddish hat, red pants, a blue shirt and red socks both of which she insisted on wearing backwards so that the plain colors would show. This girl is crazy but hilarious.

And last night to her daddy "you are the best superhero dad!" or something like that...
22nd-Jul-2008 12:13 pm - birthdays
Willow is three today!!!!! She went to daycare this morning with a homemade cake :). Although when we told her it was her birthday this morning, all she did was grunt like a forty-something saying meh, I am not a year older.

Her auntie gave her tinkertoys (I forgot how much fun those were...) and the first season of smurfs and my parents brought her much cute things from their South Africa trip.

23rd-Oct-2007 12:38 pm(no subject)
Willow quotes of the week:

"Mommy has an ipod and Daddy has an ipod. I don't have an ipod. You will have to buy me one"

We have started a piggy bank fetish this week. So when we bought her a second piggy bank and told her to introduce it to the first - her answer: "But they are not married yet!"

And at the moment she is "snow white" (and don't dare to call her anything else - "you used the wrong word daddy"), Mommy is Dopey, Daddy is Sneezy (those are backwards in my opinion :)), grammy is Grumpy, Pappy is Doc, etc., etc.

She also started shouting, "help me daddy! Ayúdeme! Ayúdeme!" I think too much Dora...

Oh and wolves live in our basement and we have to say goodnight to them every night, and go down and pet them.

Can you say active imagination much!
17th-Aug-2007 01:37 pm - Bday
Happy Birthday to me today! It is my typical kind of Bday - lost in the craziness that is the new academic year. But at least this year it is *mostly* good stuff - buying new house, starting new job, etc.
14th-Jun-2007 03:22 pm - BAMM
Nearly got in a car wreck this morning. I had just parked and a guy in a wannabe sports car came swerving around the corner (with tires smoking). Just as he passed me the car lurched to the left and totalled itself into a university van pulling out of a driveway. Then a few other cars hit him. No one was hurt, but man, I have never been that close to a serious wreck. Thankfully there were lots of people around and the police/fire crew were there in less than 2 minutes. I stayed to give a statement to the police. This was in a residential area so the crunch was heard for blocks.

My 2 cents for the day...
19th-Apr-2007 05:54 pm(no subject)
Today is a little epic for me... I have gotten my first academic faculty job!!!!! At St. John's University in Queens, NYC. I know I would really like it there. But, also, still waiting to hear from Drexel...

Here's to a turn for the better in our lives!
11th-Dec-2006 01:24 am(no subject)
Please send Matt all your love. It is only a matter of weeks now, his Mom has taken a major turn for the worse. This christmas is going to suck.

18th-Oct-2006 07:03 pm(no subject)
So I haven't posted in a long time on my account but I am busting at the seems. Our family needed some good news and today I heard that I got my first major faculty interview - at Texas A & M! This would be a great department to be in and it won't be that far from amandar ;)

So sometime in early November I am going to be in College Station, TX, giving a talk.

12th-Nov-2005 03:32 pm(no subject)
3.5 months and our little girl stands!

Mommy, look what I can do!

Wait what is that over there? I'm so easily distracted!
9th-Nov-2005 11:55 am - blech
So on friday night Willow got her first runny nose/cold - poor little thing. And sure enough, I got it just a few days later - I am guessing I was a little slow on producing the antibodies for her in my milk :( So we are both home, being basket cases on the couch. And MPD has to work long hours this week, so not fun.

It is nice to vedge a little guilt free though - I definitely needed a break.

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